About Us


SINO EUROPEAN HOLDING provides lead investment opportunities to its consortium partners in the development of projects related to Renewable Energy, Smart City, ICT Infrastructure, Infrastructure and Development, Real Estate, Waste Management, Water Treatment, Health Care and General Commercial Transactions through its association with reputable global partners.
Our objective is to create value over the long term. We have been working with some of our partners for decades and this kind of patience is often rewarded by outsized returns. We have helped build many success stories with entrepreneurs and companies in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Our investments have a global footprint with an attenuation of risks thanks to our diversified portfolio. Our group is one of the first to have a Chinese off-shore gold bullion banking license backed by the Central Bank of China, on shore and off-shore banking licenses and an Insurance License.

Our Vision

SINO EUROPEAN HOLDING’s vision is an aspiring, front-running management advisory, investment and asset management firm covering the globe – bridging the execution gap between a nascent, conceptual business or opportunity and its successful realization through deployment of institutional-grade planning and execution. We are committed and determined to reach the goals, complete our mission in a comprehensive, sustained and committed way, along with providing quality service and market competitive prices to our customers.

 Compliance & Confidentiality

We believe Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure must be maintained at all times and is essential to our business. We do not use our clients’ information to obtain new business by disclosing their information to any other third parties. Our leadership and reputation in the industry has never been stronger in our history than it is today. As a result, we have established many long-term partnerships.

Business concept

Sino European Holding provides a truly comprehensive package of services to its portfolio companies and partners, with further benefits derived from our major international network and extensive business expertise.

1601, 16th floor, Fuji Park Building, Intersection of Buji Road and Cuishan road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China