Investment Group


a truly comprehensive package of services to its portfolio companies and partners, who further benefit from a major international network and extensive business expertise.


SINO EUROPEAN HOLDING provides lead investment opportunities to its consortium partners in the development of projects related to Renewable Energy, Smart City, ICT Infrastructure, Infrastructure and Development, Real Estate, Waste Management, Water Treatment, Health Care and General Commercial Transactions through its association with reputable global partners.

Our objective is to create value over the long term. We have been working with some of our partners for decades and this kind of patience is often rewarded by outsized returns. We have helped build many success stories with entrepreneurs and companies in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Our investments have a global footprint with an attenuation of risks thanks to our diversified portfolio. Our group is one of the first to have a Chinese off-shore gold bullion banking license backed by the Central Bank of China, on shore and off-shore banking licenses and an Insurance License.

What We do



Oil & Gas Trading

Our core business is sourcing, supplying and trading petroleum and gas products. We enhance our trading activities with strategic assets providing valuable insight into market places in which we operate that enables us to optimize the supply chain.

Low Cost Housing

We work closely with China’s Jingoong Steel Group for affordable, steel structured housing. Jinggong Steel was established in 1999 and currently has more than 7,000 employees. The company’s annual steel structure capacity has now reached 650,000t, including 15,000,000 square meters of steel decking and cladding products.

Project Financing

Through a strategic partnership with various investment banks and high net worth individuals, we are able to finance projects and provide corporate loans and equity investment globally. We assist companies in raising funds by way of debt, equity or structured finance.


Wealth & Asset Management

Wealth & Asset Management By virtue of the strong expertise of Sino European Holding’s partners and associates, we are unique in our ability to create, source and structure bespoke and proprietary niche investment opportunities within the leisure, hospitality and real estate sectors.

Our Vision

SINO EUROPEAN HOLDING’s vision is an aspiring, front-running management advisory, investment and asset management firm covering the globe – bridging the execution gap between a nascent, conceptual business or opportunity and its successful realization through deployment of institutional-grade planning and execution. We are committed and determined to reach the goals, complete our mission in a comprehensive, sustained and committed way, along with providing quality service and market competitive prices to our customers.

1601, 16th floor, Fuji Park Building, Intersection of Buji Road and Cuishan road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China